The Attack On Our Pride

Kyla Lanier

The Attack On Pearl Harbor

On December 7th Japanese airships came and attacked Pearl Harbor. They came without a warning Sunday morning. While most of us were taking the day off to enjoy our Sunday the Japanese were headed here to bomb Pearl Harbor. They came with out a warning destroying 20 naval vessels, more than 300 airplanes, and worst of all 2,000 of our men died. we had just signed a treaty with Japan, but little did we know they were already with Germany. Japan had told Germany that they would strike at us first.

The Day After

Should We Declare War?

Today F.D.R. gave his "Day of Infamy Speech" at the U.S. House of Representatives. It was a very moving speech made to compel congress into voting in favor of declaring war. It talked about how Japan had deceived us and we should go into to war in order to protect ourselves. If not who is to say they won't bomb the statue of Liberty next. F.D.R.'s speech was very convincing. Would you want the U.S. to go to war?