Introduction about ME!

I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying- MJ

Welcome to my page

Hi I'm Jimmy, but as you can see my intro isn't that quite as fun or exciting, but lets get to there! I love all kind of sports basketball, football, baseball, you name it! But the only sport I dislike is tennis. I like to read but not daily but reading to me is fun I can imagine whats happening around me and that's what keeps me to read the stuff that happens around me and the action.


I love basketball because how it's played and how much sportsmanship the sports show and the teamwork on this sport is quite consistent. Actually! Now that I think of it Basketball is very consistent. This is why this is one of my beloved sport.


Favorite Places I have been.

California and Vietnam is probably the best places I have been. The climate is nice everything is pretty much nice, and the best part of those to places are the beaches ,and the food.
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