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A Warm Welcome

August and September 2020

The purpose of our TST BOCES Regional School Success newsletter is to highlight upcoming professional development opportunities, support, resources, information, and more based on what is in demand and what is on our calendar!

Right now we are showcasing opportunities offered for the rest of August and are starting to look into the month of September. We know school is just around the corner and TST BOCES has a number of different ways to help our parents, educators, and students!

We have a new website for Parents!

The TST Professional Learning team created a website to assist parents in navigating through returning to school, and support them with online learning. The website allows parents to explore a number of topics including: Learning at Home, Educational Resources, Supporting Social Emotional Learning, and Staying Connected to support groups and organizations. This is a live website that can be updated throughout the year to meet the needs of our parents and caregivers in the region. Additionally, to provide relevant and helpful resources, a parent survey is available to provide feedback for individual districts as well as the region. We welcome feedback from districts in regards to meeting the needs of parent.

Watch a quick video tour of the new website here!

Digital and Blended Learning Website

We have several offerings this summer and fall to support distance and blended learning that are taught by our instructional specialists.

However, if you prefer a more self-paced version of these professional learning opportunities, we've designed modules for educators to build their own capacity to support students and families during this challenging time.

Regional Professional Development & Learning Opportunities from TST BOCES

Explore some of the upcoming offerings from our RSS Team below, or click here to take a look at our RSS Calendar!

Content Creation for Distance Learning

Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 12-3pm

This is an online event.

Teachers have been tossed into the world of creating engaging content during distance learning. Participants will learn key considerations for creating engaging content as well as suggestions or tools to create relevant content for students. This 1 hour synchronous session will include direct instruction, as well as guided exploration. Participants will then have 2 hours to design and apply learning to prepare for the fall, as well as time to share artifacts and have questions answered.

To register in Frontline click here!

Restructure Learning Time: Rethink the Structures, Timing and Cadence of Learning presented by BetterLesson


August 19th, 2020, 8am - 10am


This is an online event.


The workshop focuses on distance and blended learning instructional strategies first and foremost, and then helps you learn about and practice a variety of freely available technology and support tools that you can use to implement those strategies. Throughout the workshop, the BetterLesson coach uses activity pedagogy, giving you a chance as a learner to experience best practice distance and blended learning strategies, tools and models.

To register in Frontline click here!

Be sure to register soon - only 20 spots are available!

Social Studies Exam Training

Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 9am-12pm

This is an online event.

NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework signaled the need for educators to shift instruction to prepare students for the rigor of the content and skills presented in the Framework. As a result, three instructional shifts are highlighted:

Shift #1: Focus on Conceptual Understanding
Shift #2: Foster Student Inquiry, Collaboration, and Informed Action
Shift #3: Integrate Content and Skills Purposefully

Participants will review the shifts and discuss the changes in the exam format. Additionally, they will investigate part II and III of the exam. Based on the new shifts, participants will explore and share some instructional and assessment strategies to support the new framework.

To register in Frontline click here!

Student Engagement: Voice & Choice During Distance Learning


Wednesday, August 19, 9am - 12pm


This is an online event.


Student voice and choice is at the center of engagement. Participants will explore new strategies and tools to increase student engagement during distance learning. This 1 hour synchronous session will include direct instruction, as well as guided exploration. Participants will then have 2 hours to design and apply learning to prepare for the fall, as well as time to share artifacts and have questions answered.

To register in Frontline click here!

Creating Meaningful Parent Teacher Connections

Thursday, Aug. 20th, 1-4pm

This is an online event.

In this session, participants will explore strategies for building meaningful parent- teacher relationships so together they can create a positive, supportive, and lasting learning experience for everyone involved. Discussion will include possible roadblocks teachers may encounter, brainstorming ways to counteract them, and the continuance of a learning environment based on mutual trust and respect.

An additional office hour will be available (3:00pm - 4:00pm) for any participant who wishes to dive deeper into the content or discuss individual questions and challenges.

To register in Frontline click here!

Seesaw Connect 2020: TST BOCES Consortium - New Cohort


Launch Date: Tuesday August 25 at 1:00 PM


This is an online event.


Join Seesaw Certified Educator Matt O'Donnell for 2 weeks of asynchronous learning using Seesaw Learning Journal.
Participants will collaborate asynchronously to learn from fellow Seesaw community members, explore new ideas & strategies, and get inspired.
Daily weekday check-ins and posts will be expected throughout the 2 week period. No Seesaw experience necessary!

The format of this class:
- 1 hour synchronous time (30 minutes direct instruction, 30 minutes exploration): TUESDAY AUGUST 25 at 1pm
- Encouraged optional creation and application time afterwards with followup consulting with small groups

To register in Frontline click here!

Instructional Resources For Teachers

UFLI Virtual Teaching Resource Hub

This helps teachers explore new ways to teach foundational reading skills using technology. This site has tools for reading instruction and intervention with children in the elementary grades. This provides great foundational reading resources that provide teachers with tools that can be used fluidly in a blended learning model.

Resource site can be found here:

Introduction video:

Intro: Virtual Teaching Resource Hub

UFLI Webinar

The video below provides Tech Tools for Online Instruction

Also from the University of Florida Literacy Institute is a live document that will be continuously updated with teacher tech tutorials. Teachers are encouraged to add and ask for further resources through the link provided on this document.

UFLI Webinar 3: Tech Tools for Online Instruction

Fundations Introduces Virtual Resource Hub

For those using Fundations, Wilson Language has a virtual hub coming soon.

The new virtual hub can be found here!

Watch a sneak peak video of the Virtual Resource Hub below:


Professional Learning Opportunities & Webinars

CORE: 2020-21 Professional Learning Webinar Series

Learn more about CORE here.

Topics for September and October from CORE:

September 23th from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Teaching Spelling Using a Structured Literacy Approach With Dr. Louisa Moats, President, Moats Associates Consulting, Inc.

To register click here for this webinar.

October 8th from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM:

What Does Good Instruction Look Like for Students with Dyslexia: A Systems and Classroom View With Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck, Director of Literacy, CORE and Dr. Dale Webster, Chief Academic Officer, CORE

To register click here for this webinar.

October 15th from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Beyond the Phonics Fights With Emily Hanford, Senior Education Correspondent, APM Reports

To register click here for this webinar.

Did you miss any of the amazing webinars from the 95% Group's Spring Webinar Series?

Every webinar is aligned to the Science of Reading and are only thirty minutes!

Here are some of the available titles:

  1. Teaching with Decodable Text

  2. Mastering the Questioning Process

  3. What is Orthographic Mapping?

  4. How the Brain Reads

  5. Scarborough's Rope: Strand By Strand

  6. Phonemic Awareness for Older Readers

  7. Balanced Literacy and Structured Literacy

  8. Morphological Awareness: Does it Really Matter

To see the entire list of webinars, click here!

Mid-State Professional Development

Mid-State Professional Development is pleased to provide you with the following virtual workshops.

All of their offerings can be found here!

To learn more about the Mid-State Partnership and their projects, check out their website.

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