Nevin Eugene Burket

My Great-Grandpa

Nevin's Childhood

Nevin Eugene Burket was born on August 10, 1899. He was born in Claysburg PA with his family that consisted of 2 brothers, 1 sister, his mother and father. He completed school all through middle school and that was typical. He worked on the farm with his father as his job. He specifically sold ice cream that was made with their cows dairy to Sealtest Ice Cream.

Nevin's Adulthood

When Nevin turned 17 he got married to Glenn Langum. Their anniversary was sometime in the year 1916. They were the same age and met when there were 16. After they were married they started a family. That family consisted of his two sons, Franklin and Daryl, and his two daughters, Vera and Joanna. They also had a hired hand named Elmer Hessle. This Burket family lived in Imler PA where Nevin owned enough land to make a farm of his own. When he wasn't working on his farm with his family he was working in a brick yard. There Glenn and Nevin lived together for the rest of their lives.
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Census of the Burket's

The picture above is a picture of the 1940 census. The name in yellow is the head of the house-- Nevin. The names in green are the other people that lived in the house.

Important events that he witnessed

During Nevin Burket's 70 years he witnessed the following events:

  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • The great depression
  • The first man on the moon
  • Fall of the soviet union
  • Civil Rights movement

His profession

Nevin Burket worked mainly on a farm for his entire life. When he was a kid he would help his father pick and can the tomatoes that they grew. Once he was married he moved, and him and his wife got land to start a farm of their own. The entire family worked on the farm in different parts. The kids and his wife worked with the fruits and vegetables while he worked with dairy and the animals. On the off occasion that he wasn't working on his farm, Nevin would work in a brick yard. That means he was apart of the construction of bricks.

Where he fit in history?

During his lower teenage years Nevin got to hear about an live through World War I. This war started in 1914 and ended in 1918. There were about 37 million casualties in this war. Another thing that happened in his young teenage years was Henry Ford made the first mass produced car (model T). These cars were cheaply made and affordable for most people.

Around the time of his marriage to Glenn, the first baseball game in Weeghman Park (currently called Wrigley Field) was played. This was a big deal because not many stadiums had been built for baseball.