Oak Room Newsletter

Week of May 2, 2016

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Welcome back!

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This week as told by the Oaks...

It was the last dance. Today we did not bring our books on our walk of the neighborhood. At the end of the day we got to draw!

It was the last day to go to the Clinton Hill Library. It was raining. We read The Quickest Kid in Clarksville.

A friend told us about when she will be moving somewhere else. We got new line spots.

We worked on our drawing projects. We had extra recess at the end of the day. We read Ramona the Pest.

We had a trickier math problem. We had extra long exploration. It was cold outside.

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upcoming trips

Tuesday, May 10th: Whitney Museum, June Leaf exhibition. We will leave Compass at 10:15AM via school bus, eat lunch at nearby Pier 51 Playground, and return via subway by 2:00PM. 4 chaperones needed!

Tuesday, May 24th: Whitney Museum, Mirror Cells exhibition. We will leave Compass at 10:15AM via school bus, eat lunch at nearby Pier 51 Playground, and return via subway by 2:00PM. 4 chaperones needed!

Thursday, June 9th: Brooklyn Grange, a workshop with City Growers. The Oaks will learn about all the natural processes that occur on a green roof farm. We will walk over from Compass at 9:20AM and return by 12:15PM. 4 chaperones needed!

Project Time

This week we made a list of all the buildings we've seen so far in Fort Greene. Each Oak chose 1-2 buildings to draw with pencil. We will use these buildings to help us recreate models out of other materials. We also used the dramatic play areas to create Will's house and Bittersweet, and the block area to create Fort Greene Park. We made a map of the entire neighborhood and labelled all the streets.


In writing workshop we wrapped up our unit on opinion writing. Next week we will start our last and final writing unit. The topic for this unit will be writing fiction books in a series.

In Reading Workshop we went book shopping in the library! The Oaks now have books in their book baggies that are just right for them. Please remind your child to bring their book baggies to school every day. Next week we will start a new reading unit focusing on characters learning lessons.

At home: Please have your child read for 20 minutes daily.


In math this week we used citibikes to help us think about relationships between bikes and wheels and doubling. We worked on math problems such as, "If a citibike rack holds 15 bikes, and the rack is full, how many wheels are there?" We also continued to work on subtraction story problems. This week's subtraction focused on "how many more than" types of problems. For example, "There were 18 maple trees in Fort Greene Park. There were 7 beech trees in the park. How many more maple trees were there than beech trees?"

At home: The subtraction work is very tricky! Please try and create similar problems with your child at home. For example, "You have 12 cookies. I have 5 cookies. Who has more cookies? How many more cookies do you have than me?"

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Contact Information

Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.