Job Change Process

A How to Guide by Robert Montgomery

Starting the Change

Allow your employer a two week notice once you are sure that you are leaving. After you have given your employer a notice start looking for another job. If you are being downsized then ask your employer the following questions:

- Are you able to have your pension?

- Do you assist with the job search process?

- Can you be paid for unused vacation time?

After you have turned your notice in you should tell your co-workers so they know that you are leaving.

Finding another job

When looking for a new job first decide if you want to stay in the same profession. You could do this for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the experience or college training staying in the same profession can be very beneficial. You could either find a similar job or a job in the same company. If you left the company on good terms it could be easier to stay within that company.