St. Patrick's Day & Marketing

Michelle Smith & Kareem Hamdouche

History of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day is celebrated on March 17, this is the saints religious feast day also the anniversary of his death in the 5th century. St. Patrick's day became a celebrated holiday in Ireland 1903. St. Patrick's day is celebrated around the globe but mostly in Europe and America. Most people celebrate the holiday for religious reasons but others may use it as a fun party holiday.

St. Patrick's Day & Global marketing

St. Patrick's day is celebrated greatly in Ireland. It is a very religious holiday in Ireland. St. Patrick's is celebrated during lent, this makes it a very religious and holly holiday. St. Patrick's day in Ireland is a day of worship and celebration. Because of the fact that it is a day of celebration it will cost a lot of people money but also will make many people money in the country of Ireland. Small businesses will make money and so will big companies.

St. Patrick's day is also celebrated in Britain. Britain they celebrate St. Patrick's day through parades. In Britain they will have hundreds of parades in every city to celebrate. The celebration is not so much about worship it is mostly about a party. People will spend lots of money on the products to use for the parades and parties and also to drinks and food. Many people are making money on the amount that people will spend to celebrate the holiday.

St. Patrick's Day product/service

Pot Of Gold

  • place: basically any retail store such as cvs, target, etc.
  • product: pot of chocolate gold
  • promotion:gold so its a really big symbol for this specific holiday
  • people: younger kids who celebrate this holiday
  • price: around 10-15 dollars