Link and Learn Friday

September 20 2013


Storylineonline - Stories read by celebrities accompanied by the book. Stories like 'Harry the Dirty Dog' read by Betty White, or 'Me and My cat' by Elijah Wood, or 'To be a drum' by James Earl Jones.

Each book link includes an activity guide. Visit the website and browse the book list for many more story options.


Remind101- Not just an APP, this also has a web based dashboard for easy setup. This fabulously easy site let you send out reminder text messages to recipients without having their phone number or revealing your own.

Sign up for a FREE account and get a phone number and participant code for each class or group you create. Willing participants sign-up with these codes and receive all your reminder texts.

Super easy! No need to enter phone numbers or emails of any kind. Messages can also be scheduled for future dates.


Craftgawker- The sister site to the foodgawker site, only this one has loads of craft projects linked to the instructions. Searchable by keyword or category. If you sign up for a free account you can even create your own list of favorite projects you hope to get to, account not required to browse the site.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!