By:CallieAnn Petree,Katy Blake,Judith Williams,Lilee Stuart

Stress Causes

Everyone has different stress triggers.



-Social Life


-Home Life


Life stresses:



- Death of a loved one


- Loss of a job

- Marriage

-increase in financial obligations

- Moving to a new home

-Chronic illness or injury

- emotional problems (depression, anger, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem)

How to reduce stress

>Express feelings of concern to a friend, family member or counselor.

>Make time for fun.

>Sleep seven to eight hours per day. Being rested enables one to handle stressful situations.

>Reward oneself for completing or reaching a goal.

>Learn to manage time wisely in order to be productive.

>Delegate work to others when possible.

>Learn to relax by breathing deeply.

>Prioritize tasks and deal with the one at a time.

>Avoid overload or doing too much at one time.

>Think positively and realistically to avoid worrying about things that cannot be changed.

>Exercise 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Exercise is great for the mind and body.

>Maintain a nutritious diet.

>Recognize personal limits to avoid overextending oneself.

>Avoid self-medication to prescribing medication for oneself without either a prescription or the advice of a physician for using that particular drug.


1) Meditate

2) Breathe deeply

3) Be present

4) Reach out

5) Tune in to your body

6) Decompress

Twitter Poll

We asked people what stressed them out the most out of


>Home Life

>Social Life


72% of people answered school

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Interview with Mr. Wolf

Q: What stressed him out in high school?

A: Fitting in with his friends and being not as smart as everyone else.

Q: What stresses him out now?

A: The world his kids will grow up in, money, and the responsibility of being a teacher.


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