Bigger, Brighter, Better


Welcome to the progressive, up and coming country of Khailand! 6,000,000 Khais strong! Our leader, The Premier, would love you to take a look at our country! Kielyn welcomes all new Khai people with open arms (kind of).
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Under complete totalitarian rule of the the Premier Party, Khailand is a wonderful place to call home! The capital city of Lux, hosts the Premier Party, otherwise known as our nation’s leaders. The Party is comprised of 8 members, The Premier herself, Kielyn Tutton, and then her three primary consultants who all work within the capital city. The other four members are secondaries, that live in each of the four regions. These secondaries meet with the rest of the Premier Party on a monthly basis to report back from the regional capitals. Although there are secondaries within the regions, the central government still holds all the power, so don’t get any ideas my friends. The Premier Party was carefully selected, not by our people, but by other means that we may not discuss with the public. As you can see we experience little conflicts here in Khailand, other than the typical air and water pollution now and then... We also do not get along with countries such as the United States of America, for governmental differences.

Here are a few basic ground rules that the general public should know and follow:

-You must acquire a travel visa and in order to travel from your home district, or you may granted a transfer for occupation related causes

-You cannot marry outside of your district

-Number of children may be limited if the population of the districts grows too large

-Everyone must receive an education


Our Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, along with a string of other pacific islands. We are close neighbors of Papua New Guinea and Australia.

You may either live in the North, East, South, or West region of our beautiful pacific island. Within these districts there are capital cities which are beautifully constructed, with sleek, modern architecture to represent our technology driven infrastructure. Other cities cannot even compare to ours! Located in the North you will find the capital city of Auroral, in the East you will find the capital city of Incandescence, in the South you will find the capital city of Radiance, and in the West you will find the capital city of Luminous. Lux, the national capital, is located at the epicenter of all regions.
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Economy, Trade, and Natural Resources

What a time to be alive! Our command economy is booming! Our lovely Premier determines what goods should be produced, how much should be produced and the price at which the goods will be offered for sale, which is probably why our economy is so successful! Statisticians are distributed throughout the country so shortage and surpluses are avoided.

Everyone in our country is employed because they are assigned jobs within their districts through aptitude testing. There are the artisans, scientists, doctors, law enforcement, teachers, government intelligence, and etc. Each individual goes through a series of tests that truly depicts their true characters and depicts what they are best suited for. If one district is short of help in a certain area, a person may receive a transfer visa. We require that everyone does some sort of job for the country. Unemployment is not even a word used in Khailand. Those who do not really score for a higher level occupation may be assigned laborer jobs.

Coal, oil, gold, iron ore, copper ore, diamonds, timber, palm oil, sugar coffee, cocoa, crayfish, prawns, and other seafood is just a few of our islands natural resources and exports. As mentioned before, our island is very modernized and hosts many intelligent people. Due to this we are a lead producer in up and coming technologies and manufacturer of other technology.

Trade partners and allies: China, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Japan

Emphasis on Education

Everyone must receive an education, 13 years at the minimum. At the age of 18 aptitude testing is done to determine placement, some may need to go on to another possible eight years of school depending on their test results. Education is of utmost importance. IT is not to be taken lightly. Here in Khailand we intend to breed those who are the brightest, most intelligent species.

The Premier

Greetings from your Premier leader, Kielyn Tutton!