All About JULIA BRIXEY!!!!!!

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.


Skills: Math, reading, and caring about other people

Intrests: Reading, sports, helping out, math, and God

Values: My top 5 values are: Frendships, having a family, helping other people, religion, and creativity.

Self-esteem: I have a well balnced, realistic amount of self-esteem.

Learning style: Logical and Intrapersonal

Why should I consider these things when deciding on a career? If you don't choose a career that matches your intrests, skills, and values, you won't be happy with your job.


My career as a lawyer!

Job description: Advise or represent clients in legal issues or disputes. May have different titles or duties depending on where they work.

Median salary: $112,760 per year

Job outlook: The job outlook is 10%

Cluster: Law and public safety.

Work enviroment: They work mostly in offices, but some attend meetings at diferent locations. some gather evidence, and some appear before courts.

Work schedule: Most lawyers work full time.

Intresting fact: It usually takes 7 years of schooling after high school! The job also requires you to be good at speaking in front of others, and good analytical skills.

How do I get there?

What college might I attend? The University of Arkansas School of Law. Located in the middle of the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetville, Arkansas

Why go there? There is a low tuition and it is close to home.

What degree do I need for my career? You must have at least a bachelors degree to get into law school, in addition to licensing.

What is the cost per hour? $404 per credit hour

What are some scholarships I want to apply for? The Donald B. Pedersen scholarship is one I hope to apply for.