Not everybody is the same, be yourself.

Stargirl, Leo, and Archie

Stargirl was always herself. She only changed for Leo. Leo had liked Stargirl since he laid eyes on her, he did not like being shunned though. Archie was a wise old man that always gave good advice.

The kiss

   She stepped into my space. The tips of our noses were touching. Her arms were around my neck. We were on the sidewalk infront of her house in full view. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I am giving you some attention," she cooed. "Do  you want some attention?" I was losing my battle for balance. "I do not now," I heard myself say. "You are really dumb," she wispered in my ear. "Yea?" "Yea. Why do you think there are eighteen pebbles in my wagon? And then the last remaining space between our lips was gone and I was falling headlong into her eyes, right there on Palo Verde. And I could tell, That was no saint kissing me.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

1. I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium. 2. I jumped up and raced to the stadium. 3. Kevin was windmilling his arm.4."See better up there," he yanked my arm. 5. She pranced around the grass in her bare feet and long lemon dress.


  Stargirl is a story about a girl that is always herself. She is very different from other kids at Mica High. At first in the story, everybody wanted to be like her. Then, Hillari Kimble makes most of the students not like her as much. Leo still likes her for herself, untill nobody else does.  Leo and Stargirl start going on dates and have their first kiss. Stargirl is being shunned, and without knowing it, Leo is too. He starts to realize that he is being shunned and makes Stargirl change into someone that she is not. She changes back because it isnt working and Leo gets mad. She moves away and Leo learns a lesson, always be yourself.


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