Techie Tidbit Tuesday

April 12, 2016

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Well, my sinuses and allergies are having a party that's for sure! ;-)

Tool of the Week - Quizzy

Quizzy allows you to quickly make multiple choice quizzes or tests for your classroom. You can manage, share by URL and print your quizzes for FREE!

It is quick and easy to create an account with Quizzy!

Click HERE to view an example of a quiz created with Quizzy.

Tip (App) of the Week - Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a FREE app that allows you to create and share short audio recordings. This is a great way to have students demonstrate what they have learned or tell a story in an innovative way. Click HERE to learn more about Adobe Voice.

Other ways to use Adobe Voice in your classroom:

  • Reflection
  • Summarize a story
  • Flash cards
  • Display step-by-step instructions
  • Assignment videos for blended learning
Click on the video below to view a simple example of how I used Adobe Voice in the library (I used only music in the background).

Upcoming Events

The RCISD Revolutionizing Learning Conference is coming up this summer on July 27 and 28. If you've attended Revolutionizing Learning in the past, you know how valuable these two days of learning can be to you and your students.

Click HERE to register!

About the Author

Library Media Specialist and iCoach at Miss May Vernon Elementary.