GMOs are not a threat

by njs

My stance

I truly believe that GMOs are perfectly safe and they are not dangerous. They are more nutritious than the regular kind. They have been scientifically correct that say they can't hurt you. they are perfectly safe for humans to eat. This is my stance on GMOs.
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6 points for gmos

1. The GMO potatoes are perfectly safe and are better for you than a regular potato when it is fried. It is very good for you with no bad effects.

2. GMO fish get bigger faster than the normal kind and they are just as safe as natural salmon.

3. It is a very promising product that has high expectations.

4. India a once used to be an importer of cotton is now an exporter of cotton thanks to there GMO cotton.

5. GMOs have way more heath benefits than the regular kinds.

6. GMOs are perfectly safe and they don't violate any heath risks at all.

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Acknowledgements for the other side

1. They say there are heath risks in GMOs that can harm you if you eat GMOs.

2. They also say GMOs pose a trigger for gluten sensitivity. this is a serious problem for gluten sensitive people and can result in intestinal permeability, imbalanced gut, bacterial immune activation and allergic response, impaired digestion, and damage to the intestinal wall.

3. the BT toxin is puncturing holes in our cells that is what GMOs are doing to us. GMOs are going to cause a rise in gluten related disorders.

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general overview

GMOs or genetically modified organisms is a highly controversial topic. The FDA thinks it is safe. the FDA regulates the safety of foods and food products that come through them. These same procedures are being taken with GMOs. though there are some states that label GMOs. If you eat GMOs you are at your own risk.
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