Elepaio Birds

Endangered species of Hawaii


  • Elepaio are birds of Hawaii,
  • covered with brown and white feathers with a white rump and white bars on dark wings.
  • Weight: 12-18g, height: 5 inches.
  • Live for only 12 years.
  • They communicates through bird calling.
  • Special feature: they help canoe builders choose the right tree for canoes.

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Food Chain

  • Elepaio birds are omnivores.
  • Consume on plant species and small insects like spiders.
  • They find food in leaf litter or along branches of ohia trees.
  • Preys of the black rats and other animals, predator of insects

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Elepaio (Chasiempis sandwichensis)


  • The elepaio birds inhabited most forested areas from sea level to tree line on Hawaii, Kauai, and Oahu.
  • They live under the climate of tropical, or wet.
  • Built nests, held together by spider webs, in the ohia or other trees. Nesting are about from January to August, depending on population.

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  • Elepaio birds use their wings to escape their predators.
  • They uses plucking and hawking to get food.
  • Use their feet to hold down large insects while they tear off the wings with their bill.
  • Catch insects in the air like a flycatcher, they glean off leaves like a warbler.

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  • The Elepaio bird is listed as an Vulnerable species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State of Hawaii.
  • -Habitat loss due to urbanization and agriculture caused range reductions in the past
  • Their population had been declined be 96% since the arrival of humans, and 75% declined since 1975.
  • There are only about 2000 of them left in Hawaii.


  • Predators
  • Nest Predation from black rats
  • Storms/ Heavy rainfalls, destroying their nests.

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