Reel History



  • The reason i took more to the movie Pearl Harbor is because i believe that the movie had more realism to it. I was really impressed with the success that the film maker had in mixing the war with a killer love story. Kept me interested the whole 2 hours and a half.
  • Again Pearl Harbor has made my favorite because i felt the struggle and despair the veterans had to encounter. This film definitely made the biggest impression on me.
  • I would say my least favorite film was Gods and Generals mainly because there was not enough action happening that kept me an inch of interested.
  • I would say the world wars were the most interesting and the civil war was the least interesting


  • If it was not for our success in wars and our drive to have more America would not be here today. every single piece of history is every bit of an importance as even the biggest of parts and just being without the small parts the huge ones would not exists.
  • Now i know how the great country we know today as The United States of America was shaped together piece by piece. I also know of the devastating times we had to go through to be what we are now, something worth knowing.