Teks 4.b,4.c & 11.b

By:Becca copple


1.Can bacteria live without a host organism?

Some bacterias do have a host to parasite relationship like gonorrhea. But other bacterias can live in an endosymbiosis relationship, where the bacteria can live inside the host or body and cause no harm no to neither bacteria or the host. Bacteria can also live or grow without a host, but the bacteria will have a better survival rate if it is in a moist environment .

2.for bacteria what is the difference of bacilli, cocci, and spirillia?

The bacilli, cocci and spirilla are all away to classify bacteria by its shape. Baccili shaped bacteria looks like a rod-shaped idem. Cocci is more of a spherical shape and spirilla bacteria has curved walls. The difference between bacilli, cocci and spirilla is their shapes.


What is the difference between bacteria and viruses?

Lytic and Lysogenic cycle

Can antibiotics be used on viruses? Why or why not?

Antibiotics do not work on viruses but does work on bacterial infections. It doesn't work on viral infections because the antibiotics kill cells by blocking certain properties. The problem is that a virus is not a cell but more of a parasite taking over the hosts cells so the antibiotics have no affect. Viruses have no cure but the can be treated and prevented from occurring.


Where are the endospores are located and what is the function?

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What is the role of endospores and how do they help bacterium's survive?

When bacteria goes through a period of environmental stress the endospores which are more prone to harsh environments come and basically survive for the bacteria. The endopores do the hard work for the bacteria the push through the hard times so that the bacteria can live throughout the easy times or more promising environment conditions. It's kind of like the bacteria is hibernating while the endopores fight through the bitter winter.

What would the world be without viruses and bacterias?

Bacteria was one of the 1st known cells to ever exist , without bacterias life as we know it would not exist. Decomposing bacteria and viruses break down animal waste, dead plants and other living things and recycle their nutrients back into the world. They create vitamins and other products for their host. Without bacteria we would of never existed.