Of Mice And Men Pre-research

By hunter Berryman


When: 1937 was when the book was published and takes place during the Great Depression

Where: took place in California

What: This book is about the adventures of two men, George Milton and Lennie Small.They were migrant workers who had to search for work during the Great Depression. It talks of the friendship between the two men. In the end, George had to protect Lennie from the mob who were looking for Lennie intending to kill him. To spare Lennie from a painful death from the angry mob, George shot him.

Migrant workers

Why they were necessary?: mass farmers were needed in California during the Great Depression for low pay

Relevant dates: 1929 wallstreet crash

1937 book published

1902- Steinbeck born

Example of type if work: farming

Daily wage: $2.50 a day

What did farm agencies do?: they regulate farming in the United States

American Dream

What was the American Dream for the people who lived during the Great Depression?:

Their dream was to live a better life, mainly to get out of persecution or poverty

Why did the American dream of wealth and prosperity fade for some?:

Because the horrors of slavery, loss of jobs, led to many shattered dreams and put many more people in poverty

The Great Depression

Began: October 1929

Ended: 1939 or WWII

Effects: closed businesses, poverty, mass migrations, loss of hope, shattered dreams, organized crime rate increase

Unemployed meant rate: 24% in 1933

Other Facts

Allusion of the title: the mouses house gets destroyed by the plow, which is like when something is going great, something unforeseen always comes along and ruins it

Idioms: this book is full of idioms, which is language that means something other than what it says

Banned book: controversy over banning the book going on for 50 years due to the prejudice and language within.

John stein beck wrote the book and published it in 1937

Gary Sinise and john Malkovich were actors that played parts in the 1994 movie, and James Franco and Chris O'Dowd played parts in the newest movie