Prevent Child Abuse

By Lily Sutton

The Mission

Prevent Child Abuse America is devoted to keeping kids safe by preventing them from being in harms way. They help to focus on shaken baby syndrome, sexual abuse prevention, peer pressure and bullying. Founded in 1972, they help warn parents about abuse that spans beyond just physical and certain steps that can save many children's lives.

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How Do They Help

By working with over 85,000 families this organization helps to pass a number of laws that help raise awareness of many different types of abuse. They were at the forefront of educating people about the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome. They also help to promtote a whole family effort where as many mothers were being blamed for an unknown illness that was killing babies. PCAA helped along with many other organizations to educate families of SIDS for cradle deaths of newborns.

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Why Was It Founded

The PCAA was founded in 1972, during this time many babies were dying with no known cause, the PCAA helped to educate parents and families that certain practices that were deemed acceptable were incredibly dangerous. They helped to save lives of many children through their education. Now laws are in place that help to protect children from these kinds of dangers.