External factors

By: Lily K. Bremer


Friends have definitely made me who I am today. Luckily all the bad friends in my life I have moved out of my life, and right now, I have the best friends I could ever ask for. They support me, give me great advice, and stand my me 100%. When I need help on something I always know that they will be there. I have learned that listening to your friends is a great idea. Even if the words coming out of their mouth sound absolutely insane, you can really learn a thing or two from them. My friends have definitely made me who I am in the greatest way possible. I don't know what I would do without them.

Extra curricular activities

A few years ago I played basketball. Avery was on my team. That really brought out my competitive side. When I quit basketball, I realized that I wasn't as much of a girly girl as I thought I was. Then, I started acting. Pretty much the best choice I have ever made. I am a very shy person and acting definitely allows me to break through that shyness and give me the chance to show my love for performing to other people.


School is a place to learn. I think we all know that. And I also think we all know that it isn't every day we want to go. Heck, all I really want to do is stay home and eat chips. But, look around. Everyone probably has a friend in this class. Raise your hand if you do. School brought us together to be with people we love and also helps us for the future. Its not like I can get a degree in collage for staying home all day. That is a reason why school has definitely helped me and who I am, and who you are right now.


My family works extra hard to get me somewhere in the future. A lot of things we don't learn at school, we learn from our family. My family helps me be a better me in all kinds of ways. Before we all went to school, teachers didn't teach us our first word, or teach us how to walk, our family did. I really don't know where I would be now without them.


I love vacations. Who doesn't? When I go different places all around the world I don't focus on what I have learned from it. All I think is how much fun I am having. Now looking back, I remember a few different things that I really have learned. For example, when I went to Chicago I learned how much I love artwork. Pretty much everywhere I looked I wanted to take a picture. Everything was so beautiful. This really brought out my creativity, and showed me that I didn't really care about math and science that much. Of course I try hard to get good grades in it, but all I really want to do is something a little more, me. I think everyone can relate.


Sure, maybe not all of us love to sing, but we all at least have one or two songs that we absolutely love. I feel like when I here a certain type of music, I want to act a certain way the next day. This makes me who I am in so many ways. It makes me act a certain way. (mostly good) and feel a certain way. I couldn't live without music.

People around me

The people around me definitely make me who I am. Good or bad. I can always look at bad influences and know that what they are doing is something I would never want to do. The good examples show me that if I do the right thing like what they are doing, I would have people look at me like I look at them. I would want to be that person that people look up to. That is probably one of my goals in life.