Solidworks Made Simple

The 5 "How to's" to Start Learning Solidworks from Scratch

Solidworks? It's too overwhelming!

Solidworks 3D Cad Design Software is an incredibly useful tool to create 3D Part Models, Assemblies, Drawings and tons and tons of other professional design and analysis applications. Seriously, I could go on for days just listing all of its capabilities. And then there's all of these features to learn before you can even begin to use any of them! I know the feeling! It can be incredibly overwhelming for the new user, or frankly even the expert.

But, It doesn't have to be. Lucky for you, learning the basics of Solidworks can be made simple. Imagine how much easier it would be to tackle its complexities once you have the basics mastered. That is the path I would like to direct you towards, and it can start today! And hey, you might even have some fun along the way. Actually no, I guarantee you will! Listed below are my 5 "How to's" to Learn SolidWorks from Scratch !

My 5 "How to's" to Start Learning Solidworks Now

1.) Understand the "basics of the basics"

This will get you ready to start designing. You will be introduced to some features needed to get going, as well as how to access them. There are plenty more, but you only need to know a few to get rolling.

2.) Create a sketch

The building block of your 3D model. Your sketch will dictate both the relative shape and size of 2 dimensions of your model.

3.) Apply an extruded boss/base to your sketch

This is where the 3rd dimension of your model is added. Your vision is beginning to come to life!

4.) Apply an extruded cut to your 3D model

Material is removed from your newly created 3D model. This is necessary for almost any model created, as few designs are purely traditional geometric shapes.

5.) Apply fillets to your 3D model

Sharp edges are removed from your 3D model. Fillets are very useful in strengthening corners to most 3D objects, and can cosmetically improve the appearance of your model and object.
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