World Water Day- March 22nd

Got Science

Grades 3 - 5

Our Water Usage

Watch this great animation about out water usage, made by the UN.
World Water Day 2012 - The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry

Water Cycle

Next, learn about the water cycle in this animation.
The Water Cycle

Next, complete one of the three options below.

Option 1

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Click on the button below to access the Water Usage Calculator.

Do you know your water footprint? Based on your country of residence and your daily lifestyle, you will have a uniquest water footprint. Find out what yours is by clicking the button below.
Calculate Your Footprint

Do you know your water footprint? Click here to find out!

Option 2

Watch this short animation.

'Saxion’ school students made this animation about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14.

The Goal 14 on life below water is linked with the Goal 6: to ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all. And it's everyone’s business to take care of our water.

**You will view all 17 goals below the video. Then, you will complete an activity.**

The Book of Tales - United Nation Social Development Goal 14
Sustainable Development Goals

Click on this button to view all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

Activity for this option.

Step 1: Click on the button above and review all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Step 2: Pick one goal that resonates with you.
Step 3: With your facilitator:
  • State which goal you chose.
  • Why that goal is important to you
  • Give one example of something you can do to help reach that goal.
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Option 3

How Much Water?

Learn how much water goes into making the food we eat by taking this quiz.
Step 1: Click on the link below to print the materials.
Step 2: Have your facilitator hold up one food/drink card from the pile.
Step 3: On the quiz page, write down how many liters you think it takes to make that item.
**One liter is equal to 1.05669 quarts.
Step 4
: Once you have guessed all of the items, add up your answers to find the total amount of water.
Step 5: Check your answer to see how close you are to the actual amount. (results are available in the printable pages below)
Click here to print!

Click here to print food cards, quiz, answer key, and certificate.

Optional Game

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Play: Tip Tank

Water conservation starts with you - so go have some fun and learn new tips by playing this game.

Thank you for participating in:

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