Capco NA @ Morgan Stanley

Winter 2016

The relationship between Morgan Stanley and Capco has now been growing and deepening for over 4 years. We are immensely grateful to Morgan Stanley for the confidence the firm continues to place in us as a strategic vendor and partner.

We believe that by far the most important reason for the continued success of this collaborative relationship is our people--it sounds rather cliché to say that, but it is 100% true!

Change management is quintessentially a "people" business, and hence each and every Capco resource on the ground makes all the difference. We are proud of the excellent work we have delivered and are looking forward to continuing this relationship as we step into 2017.

Performance Management

Capco's performance management cycle runs from January through December, and with the year ahead approaching quickly, we wanted to remind everyone on the account of a few items pertaining to the Performance Management Framework.

First, both competency and contribution ratings will be considered for determining salary increases and bonuses. These two ratings will be combined which will drive overall compensation.

Second, an "enhancement" to the Performance Management process is that candidates who are put up for promotion will be discussed in a promotion review session, separate from their ratings discussion. (See Mary Keller's Tue, Dec 13 email.)

Lastly, we are all reminded around this time of year to submit our accomplishments and achieved goals to our coaches by the beginning of January. Don't rush through these or wait until the last minute! Preliminary ratings are due in Anaplan no later than January 9.

The People Office thanks you for your participation in this important process.

2016 Mid-Year Promotions

It is always a pleasure to work with people who are tremendous assets to Capco and our clients. Please join us in congratulating our colleagues who received mid-year promotions!

To Principal Consultant

Radhika Ashok (WM/CMCP)

Ivan Ho (ISG)

To Senior Consultant

Leah Watson (WM/CSO)

To Consultant

Muhammad Arshad (WM/COO)

Valera Filatov (Gladiator)

Leanne Fitzner (WM)

Jake Levine (OFAC)

Edward Reed (ORD)

Maxalan Vickers (OFAC)

Jameel Williams (ISG)

Leslie Yeung (ISG)

William Zhao (Gladiator)

Capco's Presence @ Morgan Stanley

Capco resources have managed to win our clients' trust by continuously delivering quality deliverables in all the roles we perform! This in turn has paved way to expand our presence across various silos of Morgan Stanley.

Overview of New Engagaments

Wealth Management Digital PMO

MS Wealth is making a significant investment in Digital and Platform Transformation in an effort to rapidly deliver Digital Capabilities. As the Platforms & Re-engineering portfolio has experienced program management related issues such as inconsistent standards, lack of repeatable processes across projects, insufficient controls and limited visibility into program status, risks and issues, they have engaged Capco to establish a Program Management Office. A Capco SWAT team of three is pursuing this engagement by establishing a robust Program Management Office, implementing project management and delivery tools, establishing templates, and streamlining existing processes to create greater transparency at all levels of program/project activities while constantly optimizing and enhancing these processes and tools on an on-going basis.

Goals-Based Wealth Management

Goals-Based Wealth Management (GBWM) seeks to transform how Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors deliver Wealth Management to their clients. It is focused on helping clients achieve their goals and creating efficiency in the Financial Advisor’s practice by integrating a differentiated advice framework, planning, portfolio construction and implementation, cash flow and liability management and progress to goals monitoring.

The GBWM program is focused around the in house development and implementation of a tool that will assist Financial Advisors in delivering GBWM to their clients. The tool will be rolled out in a series of phases starting with a Pilot phase currently targeted to go live in December 2016 and continuing through 2017.

Capco has been engaged to provide project management support and bring in a structure over the existing work streams as well as align to the centralized Wealth Management Platform and Reengineering PMO, for which an additional pool of Capco resources have been deployed.

Delivery Success Story

Being in the right place at the right time is a statement that proved true for two Capco members of the ISG Product Operations Team. As a client was exploring the idea of bringing in an external contractor to assist in the preparation of the Ownership and Control Reporting (OCR) regulation to come into effect, Senior Consultant Chris Giannetto stepped in, leveraging his close relationship with the client and suggested bringing in a Capco resource to get the job done. This recommendation quickly turned into the selling of his first project. The resource that was staffed to this project was Associate Halley Davide who just happened to be at the Morgan Stanley office to assist on a market offering at the same time that Chris was discussing the potential role with the Client. Fast forward about ten minutes, and Halley was interviewing for that role and staffed as soon as the conversation ended.

Halley was signed to a contract to perform data analysis to prepare Morgan Stanley for the go-live date of the OCR regulation; however the role quickly developed into designing systems and controls, writings procedures documentation, and working with regulators for which the contract was extended and doubled in in duration. Through hard work and a little bit of luck this team was able to successfully grow and deliver the client exceptional work to the client while contributing to the growth of Capco’s revenue.

L&D and Capco’s Diversity & Inclusion Collaboration

November 2016

Unconscious Bias - We all have been a part of this – either at the giving or the receiving end, most of the times – unconsciously! We all have biases! That is just the way humans are wired. But how do we make sure those biases don't have negative consequences in the workplace? The more we recognize our unconscious biases, the sooner we will be able to address them and change our actions.

So, the Diversity and Inclusion Group & Capco L&D have come up with training on “Unconscious Bias” which was held on Dec 1, 2016 – piloting with the Morgan Stanley Account at 1NYP. What an eye-opener it was! We hope you all took the best out of this session and will work towards making the workplace even better.

Read More about Unconscious Bias here:

2016 Project Highlights

Capco resources, in partnership with Morgan Stanley employees, across various silos/workstreams maintain roles in Project Management, PMO, Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs), Business Analysis, defining scope/BRD documents, performing impact analysis, and testing and test coordination.

Click here to peek into the key highlights of some recent project accomplishments and upcoming milestones.

Capco - Morgan Stanley Engagement Initiatives

Lunch and Learn Sessions

As part of MS - Capco knowledge management team – Capco resources are committed to organize “Lunch & Learn” sessions every month on various topics. This is a great way to learn and build the Capco community in Morgan Stanley. So far 4 sessions have been organized and they have been very well received.

1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

2. E2E Wire Transfer process

3. Introduction to Alternative Investments

4. Ops &Call Center Process Transformation via Digital Technology

MSWM Townhalls

Ongoing - Bi-monthly

The MSWM Townhalls is a place we bring various project initiatives to the table and throw light on how we are helping to drive across the account and highlight as what value add it carries both for our client and for our people. Leadership team shares Our clients’ view of Capco and give deep insights into how to bring a “consultative” perspective to MS on leading industry developments and opportunities to advance their Wealth Management business. We learn how to deepen our collaboration across programs and share best practices to help MS Ops continue to improve upon delivery quality.

MSWM People’s Forum and MS360

On-going - Bi-monthly

The People’s Forum and MS360 provide a place for people to ask questions, raise concerns, and talk about the account and their projects. From this open dialogue, we’re looking to raise awareness of problem areas to the management team and identify/work on solutions. The effectiveness of the changes being brought it as part of the discussions on the People’s Forum is weighed by the Survey results and yes, we are seeing results.

PC Panel

A brand new program starting December 2016 - Breakfast meeting with all the Principle Consultants on the account. The PC Panel offers a great opportunity for Capco consultants on ISG to network, share, and brainstorm new ideas. Account PCs will share their success stories by building meaningful relationships with clients.

Capco-Morgan Stanley Events

How can anything be short of fun when Capco'ites are around?

We Capco'ites at Morgan Stanley make a continuous effort to ensure there is fun to balance all the long-days we sweat out! Have a look at some of those fun events... a few of which hosted Morgan Employees as well.

Secret Santa

‘Tis the season for Secret Santa – Who wouldn’t like to receive presents? ISG consultants will participate in one of the most popular holiday games, Secret Santa. The suspense and joy (or disappointment) of opening the gifts made this a huge hit among Capcoites.

Holiday Party

Capco hosted a holiday party for our clients on 12/15 in celebration of our three years of partnership with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Capco Thanksgiving Drink

Nov 2016

To give thanks to our partners at Morgan Stanley, ISG Capco held a holiday drink at the Malthouse FIDI on November 16th.

A terrific year in deliveries and hard work was celebrated with fine food and drinks. Many thanks our MS partners for a great 2016!

Escape the Room

Nov 2016

Who thought getting locked in a room for an hour with puzzles was fun? But it WAS..

The 'Escape the Room' event was organized for the Capco MS folks - The puzzles challenged the sharpest of minds! The riddles required creative approaches to figure out the way to get out of the locked rooms, all in under an hour. The experience goes to show that not much is needed to make for a challenging and enjoyable experience. And we are already thinking of having the next one :)

MS360 Sundae Bar

August 2016

The MS360 Sundae Bar event in early August focused on account improvements and feedbacks derived from a pre-distributed survey to gauge resources' pulse and opinion during their tenure on the MS-Capco account. MS360, following the sundae bar event early August and meeting with other leaders, has a few action items to follow up with (account role visibility, L&D brown bag sessions, etc). A project plan will be created to track all these items.

3rd Annual Capco Women’s Golf Event

July 2016

The 3rd Annual Capco Women’s Golf Event had our Morgan Stanley Clients onboard. It turned out to be an enjoyable and exciting day with a great group of people and great weather. The fun, food and their participation made this outing an overwhelming success. To those of you who were unable to attend this, we missed you!

Mini Golf Event

July 2016

The MSWM outings are undoubtedly the most awaited ones - Gives some time with our Capco friends to have fun outside work and re-energize ourselves. The MSWM Mini Golf Social at Pier 25 was nothing less than an amazing evening. The invite was extended to whole MS-Capco account and we had a great time with the huge group, we can’t agree more on the “more the merrier."

ISG Bowling Event

May 2016

An outing for Morgan Stanley New York’s ISG team was planned to meet new people on the account and reconnect with old friends. And guess what they did? They Bowled Full House A – beginner or a pro , no doubt, everyone loves bowling, especially when there are food platters! It was an event to cherish.

Capco Training - L&D

This Holiday Season, Capco L&D team is organizing a handful of trainings, a few of which are open to our Clients as well...

Watch out for detailed mailers from L&D team and make the best use of it!