adding fractions

regular fraction, improper fraction, and mixed fraction

how to add regular fraction

To add regular fraction like 1/3 + 5/8. First find a common denominator, so the common denominator is 24. Whatever you do to bottom you do to the top, so 3 go in to 24 8 times and 1 times 8 equal 8 and the same thing to the other fraction. The equation now is 8/24 + 15/24. You keep to the denomination the same but you just add the numerator, 8+15=23. Therefore 1/3 + 5/8 or 8/24 + 15/24 = 23/24. If you can reduce fraction do it, but in this case you can't because both the number are not even.

How to add improper fraction

to add the improper fraction like 5/3 + 2/1. Here you have to the same thing you did to regular fraction, find a common denominator. The common denominator is 3 because 1 going in to 3, 3 times. Whatever you do to the bottom you do to the top. The equation now is 5/3+ 6/3. You keep the denominator the same and add the numerator. 5+6=11. Therefore 5/3+2/1 or 5/3+6/3= 11/3, and you can't reduce to number.

how to add mixed fraction

Adding mixed fraction is different to the other because there are more steps. First you have to take the whole number, and add them together. For example 2 4/6 + 3 2/5, so you take the 2 and add it to 3 equal 5. Now you find the common denominator and it is 30. What you do to the bottom you do to the top and now it is 20/30+ 12/30. Keep the dominator the same and add the numerators together, and it equals 32/30. It's a improper fraction now we convert is to a mixed fraction. To do that we have see how many time 32 goes into 30. It goes in 1 time, and it equal 1 2/30. Take the whole number and add to the other wholes number, 5+1=6. it equals 6 2/30, and we can reduce the fraction because both or even number. 2/30 divide 2 equal 1/15. Therefore 2 4/6 + 3 2/5 equals 6 1/15.