Like a Machine...

NAME: Meghan Taliyakula CLASS PERIOD: 3/4 Science


Pulley: Blinds

Located: The blinds of my house

How it works: When you pull the string the blinds go up.

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Inclined Plane

Inclined Plane: Ramp

Located: In the hallway, on the ramp in Lamar

How it works: Force helps the inclined plane when going down the ramp by speeding up the object.

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Wheel and Axle

Wheel and Axle: Toy truck

Located: In my house

How it works: If you spin the back wheel of the car, the axle which is attached to the other wheel on the other side of the car will spin with it and the speed of the 2nd wheel depends on the momentum of how you pushed the 1st wheel.

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Screw: Screw

Located: In a tool-box

How it works: When the screw needs to hold something [wooden...anything] it is driven in with a screwdriver into whatever the object is which is the force.

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