Explore With Us


Students, come along and explore with us this summer! You will go on so many exciting adventures.

Little Known Facts

You may not know...

  • Breakfast and lunch is offered. Free and reduced applies at Gray Elementary.
  • Transportation is available for those outside the 1.5 mile radius from Gray Elementary. *Transportation sign-up deadline is April 1st to be guaranteed by the first day of Explore.
  • Students will have specials including: Music, PE, Makerspace, and Coding.
  • Students may attend any school as long as they have their own transportation.
  • Artworks program is now FREE for all students. *Transportation not available

For More Information

  • Call or stop by the Explore office: 1610 E. Sunshine
  • Contact Disney's Instructional Technologist: Megan Talent mrtalent@spsmail.org

To sign up: