Classic Clam

By:Madison Duck


“Can you hear that?” Exactly that’s the sound of the clam using it’s beautiful body structure to move live in it’s coral reef home. Clams, have you ever seen one? Imagine yourself with one. They may not be pretty but they sure are amazing organisms .

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A fascinating fact about the clam is that they are not all one size. Some clams can be 5 inches but some clams can be 5ft. The giant clam especially can be up to 1.2 meters and even weight up to 500 pounds. The clam has 2 soft muscles on the inside of the shell . This organism also has a fragile shell. The clam can be all different colors such as orange, tan, brown, gray, yellow, and even a little pink. This organisms shell is made out of mineral called calcium carbonate.

Think Tank!

This is my clam quizzel so try and test your knowledge on what you know about clams!
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Clam Poem

Madison Duck


Lies a clam on the ocean floor

Wet and damp it sees my smile

its great big shell looks like it smiles back,

How beautiful the ocean, clams, seahorses, sponges too

Sits the clam so pretty

with a cocoa colored shell

You've been around for so long

It feels like 500 years

Oh wait, it has been

Sea Clam Digging the Sand
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Go Fish Summary

Madison Duck

My aquarium is filled with colorful beautiful and outstanding fish and decor to go along. The theme of my colored filled aquarium if little mermaid. I chose this theme because of the beautiful decorations they had at the stores. We chose fish with beautiful scales and many different colors. I had decided on this choice of fish because of my taste in the color blue, pink, purple, orange, and red. The decorations to go with my fish are gravel and most importantly the characters of little mermaid. Surprisingly I found those characters at petsmart! I found Ariel, flounder, Ursula, and a shipwreck that looks like the ship Ariel found in the movie. The number of fish I got are 6 fish. They each include beautiful colors. In total I spent for my is $46.90, for the decorations I spent $89.60. All together we spent $207.30. Depending on the amount of decoration I put in my aquarium I will probably need about 20 gallons for all my 6 fish. The names of the 6 fish I bought are Yellowtail Blue Damsel, Blue Female Veiltail Betta, Strawberry Dotty back, Red Female Veiltail Betta, Blue damsel, Lyretail Anthias. The biggest fish I bought was Lyretail Anthias. Although, my favorite was the The Blue Female


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