The Big Soap Festival

The business that started out a few dollars

How it all began

It started on Thursday, a gray day. I came to the town and decided to go buy some stuff for a living. I took few dollars and went to buy soap and some food, i ate the food and I stayed just with the bar of soap, It was dusk, unfortunately I forgot the way back to my motel. I was lost so I decided to giveup and go to the park. i sat on a bench in the park, the atmosphare was darkness. I met a man that called Mr. Gartsby, I told him what happened me hopefully he will help me. he was trying to believe me but he wanted to see the soap as proof, the soap wasn't on my pocket, it probabely fell from my pocket so he decided not to help me. I went away desperately and suddenly the guy who sat on the bench ran towards me and handed me a bar of soap and told me: "I think it's yours, I'm sorry for don't believe you, as compensation took 40 dollars and good luck on your way. With the 40 dollars that he gave me I took a texi back to my motel, from here to there i got more money and I decided to open a small soap buisness, the buisness rolled and rolled until they became very succesful. and today, I have a big succesful buisness and all of it in favor to the man who helped me in the park

The Big Soap Festival

Thursday, March 17th, 11am

Central Park, New York, NY, United States

The event will start at 11:00 am, pleas not o late. At the Festival there will be stalls and attractions for all ages it is advisable to arrive with money and see you there mood.
11:00 - Receiving visitors

12:30 - A giveaway on soap packs

13:30 - Lunch break

14:15 - Entertainment

15:00 - Summary words about the Festival