Mrs. Hecker's Vocal Music

2015-2016 School Year

Conate Domino

Take-Home Objectives:

1. Work on singing dynamics

2. Memorize Ms. 1-Rehearsal 3

3. Work on clear diction

Guiseppe Pitoni

Guiseppe Pitoni was born on March 18th 1657 and died in Rome on Feb 1st 1743 was greatly admired during his lifetime for his music which is very much in Palestrina's tradition. During his long and successful career he held several important posts including «maestro di cappella» of S. Giovanni in Laterano and first guardian of the Congregazione di S Cecilia.

Contate Domino-Soprano Part

Pitoni-Cantate Domino-Soprano.wmv

Contate Domino-Alto Part

Pitoni-Cantate Domino-Alto.wmv

Contate Domino-Tenor Part

Pitoni-Cantate Domino-Tenor.wmv

Contate Domino-Bass Part

Pitoni-Cantate Domino-Bass.wmv

Conatate Domino

Christopher Wren Singers (2011)
Cantate Domino (Giuseppe Pitoni) - Christopher Wren Singers - Christmas 2011