Teacher Newsletter

May 2016


As teacher appreciation week approaches, The Education Department would like to send a big THANK YOU to all of the amazing teachers that help Rainbow create a "home away from home" for the children in your care.

May Parent / Teacher Conferences

Conferences allow our families to be a part of their child’s learning process and eliminates communication barriers between the home / school connection. Conferences allow teachers to showcase the children’s achievements as well as discuss educational goals for the children.

During conferences, our goal is to meet with 100% of our families! To help your team achieve this goal, please review the best practices listed below when planning your conferences.

Please place a copy of the Parent / Teacher Conversation Form in each child’s portfolio and child file. You must also supply a copy for the family even if the family does not have a face-to-face conference.

Types of Conferences :

  • Face-to-face Conferences
  • Conference Call
  • Email Correspondence
  • Written Correspondence

Learning Environment

Math is often a feared subject in education. If we make it fun, the children will get and early start on learning and will form a positive outlook on the subject. We as teachers are here to help children learn the basic skills, so they can carry them with them as they grow and develop.

Creating graphs is a great way for children to enhance their sorting, classification, and counting skills. By putting various objects out for children to sort and graph children will need to find the similarities and differences in each object. Using manipulatives of any sort give children tangible representations of the otherwise abstract concepts. When children have the ability to be hands on, they are more likely to learn the skill.

Early Childhood Buzz Word

What is an Intentional Teacher?

  • An intentional teacher catches teachable moments and is prepared to use them to his/her advantage
  • An intentional teacher will teach beyond the textbook, integrating something more into the lesson
  • An intentional teacher cares about his/her students' growth, not just academically but socially, and uses behavioral issues as another means of teaching a valued lesson
  • An intentional teacher is involved in educational change and strives to make a difference daily in the lives of his/her students

Rainbow Child Care and Rasmussen College Partner in your Education

Benefits to you as an employee of Rainbow Child Care:

· Staff and immediate family members eligible for up to 10% tuition discount

· Programs offered completely online for flexibility and convenience

· 18 months for completion

· College credit available for your CDA

· Masters degrees are also available through our partner networks- http://www.collegiseducationnetwork.com

For more information:

Amie Engels, Education Solutions Manager

T: 952-806-4680 or E: Amie.Engels@Rasmussen.edu

Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

“Literacy is more than just learning to read,” says Mary Muhs, dean of the Rasmussen School of Education. “It also includes how children interpret and understand what is being read, as well as writing skills and composition. Literacy skills do not just develop overnight.”

She emphasizes the importance of building the framework for literacy in preschool and even before then. “If we start early and build on a child’s experience as they grow, they will not only be able to read and write, but also LOVE to read and write.”

You’re on board for starting this important process with your young ones. But where do you even begin? We took to the Internet to identify some of the best literacy activities for preschoolers. Bookmark this list for a rainy day and you’ll always have an entertaining and educational activity ready when you need it!

To continue reading this article, and for 15 great literacy ideas, visit http://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/education/blog/literacy-activities-for-preschoolers/

Family Calendar of Events: May Dates to Remember

2nd-6th Teacher Appreciation Week

*Summer Camp Kick Off Party

*Mother's Day Celebration

*Parent-Teacher Conferences

30th CLOSED for Memorial Day!

*Check with your center Director for more information on these events!

Teacher Spotlight

Bonnie Holt is the Lead Teacher in the Infant 2 classroom at our Collierville 2 center in Tennessee. Bonnie retired from the corporate world and wanted to love on babies, while waiting for her own grandchildren. She has held the Lead Teacher position in Infant 2 for 5 ½ years. She is loved by both the parents and their children. Now that Bonnie is a grandmother, her favorite part of being an Infant Teacher is having babies to love on while she misses her own grandson who lives in another city. Thank you, Bonnie, for giving the babies in your classroom so much love!