VALTS Newsletter

2013-2014 Issue 2

From the Principal

It is hard to believe we’ve already started the 2nd quarter of the school year. As I look back at the 1st quarter we have a lot to be proud of. Students and staff have gotten to know each other and the students are well aware the expectations we have for them. In return I feel we have built some very positive relationships.

During 1st quarter our students earned 410 credits of classroom instruction and 50 work credits for a total of 460 credits! The vast majority of our students passed all of their classes. VALTS also graduated two students. These students were our 492 and 493 graduates from VALTS. We anticipate graduating our 500th student in March. I had the opportunity to visit classrooms regularly during instruction. The relevance and rigor was very evident. This, tied in with the use of technology proved to be very beneficial for the students. Our Exploratory Fridays turned out to be a big success. Students were exposed to many different things including; EMT training, alternative fuels, workplace safety, and entrepreneurship. Almost all of these exploratory classes were hands-on which generated a lot of interest. With the help again from Workforce Development at the Harms Center we plan to offer another nice selection of classes. This quarter will include; soft skills training, CPR training, truck driving and work place safety.

We look forward to a very productive 2nd quarter.

1st Quarter Graduation

We had two October graduates here at VALTS. Diana Perez (Scottsbluff) and Helena Rivas (Gering) became our 492nd and 493rd graduates. Both of these young ladies plan on attending college to pursue degrees in the medical field. Diana plans on becoming a nurse while Helena has aspirations of being a pediatrician. Congratulations to Diana and Helena! We wish them the best!


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Field Trip!

The VALTS students took a trip to the Legacy of the Plains museum on October 25. They got to see the painted gourds that will be auctioned off in November to raise money for the museum. Our own Ashton Foster painted two of them!

The students had the opportunity to look at the exhibits and visit with some of the volunteers. They learned about some of the farming equipment that was used in our region as well as what life was like for previous generations who live in our area. Later in the year, the students will return to the museum to gather resources and information for a very unique project. (More on that in future newsletters.)


The City of Scottsbluff came to VALTS on October 17th. Members of the parks and recreation department and members of the fire department were on hand as students assisted in planting three trees on the east side of the Harms Center. This was done in conjunction with the Re-Tree Nebraska Initiative. Upcoming events with our Adopt-A-School partner include a tour of the waste water treatment facility and practice with interviewing skills.

Building a strong foundation for our graduate at a time.

VALTS is approaching celebrating its 500th Graduation! Each "brick" on this wall represents a graduate from VALTS. Currently, there have been 493 graduates. VALTS is making a difference!

$$$ Math $$$

During the 2nd quarter, students will be studying checking and savings accounts, identity theft and how to protect yourself, and renting an apartment. In the "renting an apartment" unit, we will be going into the community to look at several different rentals and will explore deposits, utilities, roommates, and lease agreements.

Social Studies

During the 2nd quarter, Social Studies students will learn about how physical geography shapes the world. Each student is creating a website on the extreme geographical features of the continent they selected. Their final project will be to create a narrated tour using Google Earth featuring the extreme features. We will share some of them after the first of the year.


This quarter students are exploring the vast array of life on Earth -otherwise known as biodiversity. Part of their studies will involve teaching others about a particular component of biodiversity by creating a museum exhibit right here at VALTS. Students will work both independently and collaboratively with their classmates as they research, create and finally, present their findings. A friendly competition between classes begins as the finished projects will be voted on and prizes awarded. The exhibits will be showcased in December, please stop in and check them out!

Hanging Out

Talent at VALTS

VALTS students were given the opportunity to decorate gourds for the Legacy of the Plains gourd auction. Ashton Foster submitted these two gourds. Gourds will be auctioned off on Friday, November 15th at 6:00 p.m. Proceeds will go to help funding all the programs at the museum.

Also on display in our classrooms and halls are pictures done by Ashton and Madison Vorse.