Use Domestic Oil Now

Our Please to America

Dear America,

The US is faced with a serious problem. One so big, the US is dependent on other countries to keep running. The resource used by the US from other countries is heavily consumed, but there is not exactly enough to keep us indefinitely running. What is this resource, you may ask? It’s oil. Oil is what keeps the US going, and what many functions rely on to work. Transportation, Industrial, and Residential uses are all culprits of the big oil usage issue. This is where the problem starts. Because the US is so dependent on the oil from other countries, we are at constant danger of being cut off. With a sudden depletion of oil, the US would not be able to advance. In other words, everything we had been working on, would come to a standstill. This very reason is why the US must become dependent on their own domestic oil. A long time ago, the US had plenty of oil for everyone to use. Inevitably, the oil began to run out. That’s when the country began purchasing oil from foreign countries. Not only was this expensive, but it caused a lot of tension between the US and the oil supplying land. Because the US is dependent on this supply of oil, it gives a lot of power to foreign countries. If the US was dependent on their own oil, It would be better not only for us, but other countries as well. The last 10 years America has produced more oil and natural gas because we are more enhanced in technology. We know that one day we will hit our peak production so to avoid an economic crash we will have to come up with new ideas and innovate. We have created 5 steps that will help us slowly move into new ways that help our country. Step 1 would be really focusing on how much oil we use and try to put a limit on it. Step 2 would be to research new ways to give happiness to major oil consumers. Step three we need to stop the demand for foreign oil and replace it with our own domestic oil. Step four put this research into commercials and newspaper adds. Also we could put a tax on oil and crude oil and increase our GDP. We need to consider these ideas and we hope that you will to. We know that this situation may be scarey ,but you have to know that in order to create a safe economy we must move on from this era of demand. We must use domestic oil now.


Morgan Widner and Mackenzie Kirksey

Step One

-Propose a practical, energy efficient way of obtaining and managing oil.

Present a plan to OPEC leaders, and negotiate a way for the US to become dependent on their own oil. Explain how the change would benefit the US, as well as oil supplying countries. Map out a plan, including estimated cost of the project, time frame, and location. Review the pros and cons.

Step Two

-Research new ways to run major oil consumers

Some ideas are hydroelectricity, solar power, and to research other ways as well. Factories, and transportation are the two biggest consumers of oil in America. In order to continue running these functions, research of other forms of energy must be explored. If we find a way to run the two oil consuming functions without oil, then the oil could be saved. Hydroelectricity is power by dams and water mills and this can produce power in safe way. It does not damage the water like a oil spill can. Solar power is getting sun rays and the power of the moon to the earth and getting power in a safe secure way. The only issue with this is that solar power can be quiet expensive sometimes. We can also get power by using wind mills. The only issue is that windmills can also be disruptive to the land and many people argue that it disrupts land and makes nature ugly.

Step Three

-Slowly begin replacing foreign oil with domestic oil.

Begin the switch slowly. Introducing the change in oil immediately will cause problems. If the oil is just randomly thrown in, it will confuse the consumer. If the prices are drastically raised immediately, many people will become distressed. The change must come with a slow notice.

Step Four

-Promoting The Change
The change from getting away from foreign oil and only relying on domestic oil and other sources of power could be a very scary new idea to many people. We would be taking away their comfort zone and many would be afraid that this could result in war or an economic crash, but they are incorrect. With that being said we must slowly introduce this idea with a confidence that will spread across America. We need to be excited and promote this idea into day to day things and make it clear that this is a good idea. Many people in America watch TV so by putting this into commercials and using pathos, ethos, and logos we will be able to produce a product that will work great for our country.

Step Five

-Introduce a $1.00 gasoline and crude oil tax.

If all else fails and we have some trouble getting off the dependence of oil we could always create a tax on it. By making a tax on these day to day things at least we could be providing some type of income to our country. With a lower demand for foreign oil and a tax increase on the oil that we do import we would create about a 4% growth domestic product increase by 2017. Also by putting on spending cuts for the importing of foreign oil we will also be able to decrease the need for imports. A notional oil tax might rise to $50 per barrel by 2020, about $1.20 for a gallon of gasoline, producing revenue equivalent to about 1.5 percent of GDP. That is a great opportunity for our country.

The Benifits of Domestic Oil

Benefits of Domestic Oil Production