For Sale - Flying Shuttle

(1733) Staring at £15.

The flying shuttle is available to you right now.

The flying shuttle is used to weave any fabrics at a much faster speed than normal. It is mounted on wheels in a track and paddles are used to pass the shuttle back and forth when the weaver jerks a cord. This only takes one person to run compared to the old way where it took two people to run and took way longer to produce less fabric.

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The flying shuttle can affect society in a great way. It makes the job easier so you don't have to worry about labor laws. It makes twice the fabric in half the time, making clothes more easily accessible. Lastly, it will bring in a lot of money because the easier the production the more people want.


The one and only bad thing about this invention is that it takes the job of one women. Normally it takes two people to run a machine but now its only one so half of the women will not have a job. But, those women could work selling the fabrics since there will be much more to sell.

Hello!!, I am John Kay the inventor of this product.

I was born in Lancashire, England in 1704. I am mainly a machinist but obviously I am an inventor too. I created the flying shuttle because it takes way too long to make a small amount of fabric. This invention solves this problem. If you are still not sure you want to buy this product come see me in one of my stores.

"With the flying shuttle my job is much easier and goes by much faster. Without this our clothes would be the same everyday instead of the new different once we now get."- said one of our fabulous costumers.

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