15 Ways School Librarians

Support Diverse Learning Needs of Students


1. Present lessons with color, animation, and sound for visual and auditory learners

2. Provide books and resources in various formats such as print, electronic, and audio

3. Provide bilingual books and books in languages other than English

4. Keep portable computers on reserve for students with special needs

5. Provide books of different reading and comprehension levels

6. Provide teacher resources regarding special learning needs

7. Display instructional posters with pictures for developing and non-readers

8. Provide books and resources about disabilities to promote awareness and understanding

9. Provide books and resources about different cultural and historical perspectives

10 . Ensure that the library is accessible for those with physical limitations or disabilities

11. Invite all students to participate in special library events

12. Promote independence in searching for and locating materials

13. Provide a broad and diverse collection

14. Provide many types of visuals such as maps, paintings, prints, and objects

15. Provide access to the library catalog from any online computer, anytime, and anywhere

Ideas appearing in this list were contributed by the following librarians:

Naomi Encalade, Kellie Galyon, Lisa Hunt, Laraine Languell, Marianne Morgan, Mindi McGehee, and Leanne Rogers

"Book & Phone Book." Flickr. Web. 18 Feb 2013. http://www.flickr.com/photos/grandgrrl/5240360344/

created by Laraine Languell