Sam Houston

By: Michael Keener

We must maintain peace with our Indian neighbors.

He wants less war but, if we were to go to war then he would rather have someone to count on for back up rather than them also try to kill us. He also used to live with them so he would like to stay friends and not enemy's. He even has a treaty to prove he will keep peace with them.

It is our policy to hold out the idea that we are very able to sustain ourselves against any power . . . Yet I am free to say to you that we cannot do it.

We need to join the U.S., if we don't we will be destroyed and killed. We don't have enough power to do it. The voters want it so we need it and I want it. This will help us avoid further conflict with Mexico.

Negotiation is the only way to lasting peace.

Just because we have beat them once doesn't mean they won't come back. At one point they will come back and we will be buried further into the ground than we already are. We need to negotiate not keep going to war over and over again losing more men every time. We also have no money to fight a war. We are already in debt millions of dollars. We will be broke and at one point lose all of ours wars. If we join the U.S. we will be a lot more protected if we were with them because they are a bigger nation than Mexico.

Austin is not safe; it is too close to Mexico and attack.

If Austin is to close to Mexico than that means ore war and it's easier for any of them to get to us. If they get to the capital of this nation than we will have no more leaders making it easier fro them to gain control of us once again. We need to keep the capital in Columbia.

We are too far in debt to do anything else but reduce.

We are at least $3 million in debt if we continue to spend money we will be broke for way longer. We need to lower money people get and have local militias and people in Texas to be our army. We can't afford a large army. I will continue to send messages of friendship to tribes, doing so will avoid extra war. We need to also cut governments spending's.