Multiplying and dividing decimals


What is sooo good about multiplying decimals?

Without multiplying decimals purchasing gasoline would be a lot harder because then you would have to bring a calculator a round for every gallon.
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Buying items multiply

Buying juice boxes for a party and you need would need to multiply the price if you had a specific amount of money.

Sharing flour divide

You are making a cake and you need to divide the flour equally by the pound you would need to weigh it then. Split it by the decimal.

Flooring multiply

You have to multiply the inches and amount of space to have the exact amount of flooring because you do not want to pay for wasted granite.

How to multiply decimals

You line up the numbers it is the same thing as simple multiplication but in the end you count how many numbers were behind the decimal and you put the decimal in the same amount that you counted that was behind the decimal.

How to divide decimals

You forget the decimal and then you divide separately then don't do anything with the decimal until you're done.Then you would hop the decimal the amount it was before you decimal.

For divisor and dividend

The dividend wants to be a whole and not a part so you have to move the decimal as much until the number becomes a whole number and you need to move the decimal as much as you moved the decimal as many as there is behind the decimal.