Rattan Elementary

Week-at-a-Glance 10/12-10/16

Upcoming Events

This Week

SER Bookfair

  • Monday: College T Shirt
  • Tuesday: Scarf or Tie
  • Wednesday: Hats Off
  • Thursday: Sunglasses
  • Friday: Spirit Day


Happy Birthday Shannon Boyette!


Lockdown Drill

Tailgate Lunch

Cookies and Conference with Mindi


MAP Data Training with Jodie (New to MAP) 3:00-3:45pm

RTI Meetings


No Grade Level Meetings


Fall Portraits

Science of Spin (Gym @ Specials)


Fall Festival 4-7pm

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Tailgate Tuesday

October 13th –During Lunch

Teacher’s Lounge

We will celebrate Bookfair and football season with a tailgate lunch. The hotdogs and fixin’s will be provided.

To complete the tailgate please bring the following items:

1st and 2nd Grade: Chips and Dips

3rd and 4th Grade: Desserts

5th Grade and Specials/Specialists: Drinks

Tech Shout Out!

Fantasy Football Math

Students in Mrs. Robinson's 4th grade math class have weekend math homework... to watch Sunday NFL football!

The students have an NFL Rush Fantasy Football account and choose a player each week to follow. Back in school on Monday, students check the stats of their player and graph, round decimals and compare weekly scores!

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