Welcome to our Virtual Classroom

Cedar Cross Cooperative Preschool Virtual learning

Welcome Families,

The teachers are working hard to create engaging activities at home to support our children's learning while we all navigate these unprecedented times together. We will be collaborating, learning, and growing together.

Things i need you to do this week:

  • Please log-in to ClassDojo
  • Please log-in to Jovial - Enter your email address, and a direct link to your family profile will be sent to your email. Check that all information is correct. If information is incorrect please email Katie Rugg immediately.
  • Please complete your child profile - under forms

Upcoming dates:

September tuition is due by September 10th

September 10th - Virtual Preschool Supplemental Packet Pick Up 3pm - 5pm

September 16th @10am - CCCP classes go LIVE on ClassDojo

We are postponing running background checks and sexual abuse training, collecting immunization records, and other beginning of the year items until we have a return to school date. At that time families will be required to complete normal requirements.

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How does virtual preschool work?

Cedar Cross Cooperative Preschool will be using ClassDojo as our online learning platform. All families will be sent a link to connect with their student's classrooms. I highly suggest downloading the ClassDojo app to tablets or phones. Each week families will be emailed weekly lesson plans. Weekly lesson plans will include: Theme, Weekly activities, and Weekly Lessons. All Activities and Lessons will be posted online with teacher led examples. We will post 3 Story/Circle times a week.
We will regularly be reviewing and evaluating content and user participation to cultivate and create the best learning opportunities possible. Families are strongly encouraged to post pictures to share their creations, and respond with videos when necessary. Virtual classrooms will never replace in person classroom experiences, but with our families support and help we will cultivate and create a wonderful experience for all

Circle Time, via Class Dojo
Join our teachers for fun and engaging, circle times that includes stories, and songs

  • Circle times will be posted every Monday
  • Families will have access to all 3 story times and able to access at their free will, as much as they want.
  • All three circle times will be geared towards our theme and at home learning activities for the week.

Weekly Recorded Lessons
  • Your child's Teacher will be recording, and posting lessons for each activity for families to enjoy at their own pace. Pace yourselves! It all should not be done in one day. All videos will be uploaded Monday morning. Each activity will have their own video posting and written instruction.
  • Lessons will include: Weekly theme, Art, Science/Sensory, Math, Language, and Fine Motor work.
Take-home Activity Kits
  • Each Month, you will get one Take-home Activity Kit. Each kit includes a month's worth of activity support materials.
  • Custom videos or written instructions for the activities will be emailed in a weekly lesson plan and posted to Dojo.
  • Families are Strongly encouraged to take pictures and share their creations with friends and teachers on ClassDojo.
  • Activity kits will be handed out drive-thru style at Cedar Cross.

Supplies to keep handy at home:

We are recommending that all families have some basic supplies around the house. We are working hard to create lesson plans with items easily found around the house.

Class Supplies:

  • Paper (Can be any kind of paper you have - Construction paper, Printer Paper, Newspaper, or even Junk mail!)
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue/Glue sticks
  • Watercolor paints

Basic Pantry Items: Items will be used for Science, and Sensory
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Cream of Tartar (For Play-doh making)
  • One of the following: Dry Pasta, Dry Beans, Dry Rice

Virtual Preschool Supplemental Packet Pick Up

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 3-5pm

1210 132nd Street Southeast

Mill Creek, WA

Valet Supply Pick up! Pull up to the curb and we will hand you the packet for the first 2 weeks of class!

Teachers have prepped packets for all lesson plans for pick up!

Packets include supplemental worksheets, Lessons, and Art Supply prep!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Distant Learning Plan at a Glance

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ClassDojo Log-In

We will be using ClassDojo as our online classroom platform to connect Students, Families, and Teachers. ClassDojo will have class communications, Lesson Plans, Story Time, Sharing, and More!

Jovial - Family Account

Jovial is our family accounting app. Please use jovial to view all billing, make payments, check requirements, and family registration information. Please enter your account email address, and an access link will be emailed to you.