The Beast of Blackslope

By: Tracy Barrett

Reading takes you to different places, universes, and times.
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Beast of Blackslope is a mystery for middle schoolers that absolutely love mystery. This series is about a brother and sister, Xena and Xander, as they go though their great great great-grandfather's, Sherlock Holmes, unsolved mysteries to figure out what happened. In this book Xena and Xander are on vacation in Blackslope. As they enter Blackslope they figure out that Sherlock was there to investigate the infamous Beast of Blackslope. The beast is back and to keep the tourism going, the locals pretend like nothing's going on. The siblings get lots of clues but never get close. Once they figure out who the beast was they went back to their evidence and saw what the real beast was back in the day.
I could not find a video for this book.