The Dominguez Update

Finding Out What's Happening: September 29th-October 3rd

The Breakdown of Our Daily Learning Targets


  • Monday-Sharing our EA's; exploring the 6 types of conflicts
  • Tuesday-creating visual representations of the plot line
  • Wednesday-unpacking EA#2 for Unit 1
  • Thursday-finishing up unpacking EA#2 for Unit 1
  • Friday-creating a frame poem


  • We will be showcasing/presenting our S'more flyers over the college of our choice! Then we will be diving into...a surprise!

A HUGE Thank You to Students/Parents Who Purchased from Scholastic

Students/parents, thanks to your orders this past week, we were able to receive 31 books for our classroom library! Thank you so much for your support. You are much appreciated.

About Mrs. Dominguez

I am a proud daughter, sister, wife and teacher. I have an adopted 5 year old dog, Buddy. Teaching has been the passion and cry of my heart since I was 19. I knew this is what I was called to do. Thanks for letting me teach, cultivate and craft on a daily basis! Know you are valued, special and much loved!