The CN Tower

A Magnificent Tower

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“I’m trying to psych myself out slowly to try this. It will be on my bucket list.” Mark Laroche, president and CEO of the Canada Lands Company, on the CN Tower’s new extreme attraction: walking on the outside of the main pod, 356 meters up in the air. CLC owns and operates the CN Tower. When you think of Canada what is the first structure that comes to mind? The CN Tower is a great monument that makes Canadians glad to call Canada home. It is an important part of Canada's history.

Where it all began

Although, the construction may have been tough, it got finished. The builders had to use a helicopter to put the last piece on; and engineers had to climb steep, wobbly ladders during construction. "It was pretty amazing that it got approved and CN happened to have a chairman that said we're going to build it," Ned Baldwin said during construction. It was completed in 1976, in Toronto, Canada. The CN Tower got finished on time, even though it was hard to build.

The CN Tower in 2014

Canadians take pride in it's appearance. It is a very tall vertical building, that gets narrower and narrower the higher you go up. It has a stainless steel color, and at nighttime it gets lit up by very colorful lights. It was built by a group of Canadian Nationals who wanted to demonstrate the strength of Canada's industry by building a tower higher than any other in the world. It represents Canada's right to not have communication problems. A lot of movies have been filmed in, on, and near the CN Tower, so people must still be amazed by it . The tower is still very important to tons of people.
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The CN Tower still leaves people astonished.

The CN Tower had great architects and it still leaves people astonished because of its height. The two best known architects who worked on this structure are John Nadrews and Ned Baldwin. Ned Baldwin has worked on many buildings including the Strayldphere Tower in Las Vegas. It was constructed to solve communication problems, to serve as a world class entertainment destination, and to achieve international recognition as the worlds tallest tower. It affects world history because it was being built in 1972 and it spins; which was a huge accomplishment in that time. It's worthy of our admiration because it moves in an ellipse pattern if the wind is strong enough; and a circular motion on non-windy days. The view is constantly changing because the way the building faces constantly changes. You can also walk on the top of it . All in all people still love this tower.

The CN Tower is still amazing.

The labor of the CN Tower was well worth it, because people still is an important part of Canada's history. It's still standing tall and proud today. The words spoken by DeavenXL online are thoughts many people still have over this amazing tower, "I know the CN tower is a great attraction." The CN Tower is a tower that will stand tall for many more years to come.