A Windy Situation

-Change is in the Air!

Help the Environment!

  • Unlike fossil fuels, wind energy is clean
  • Renewable, because it comes from the sun
  • Pollution free
  • Allows us to hand down a cleaner environment to coming generations.

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Help Build a Financially Stable Community!

  • Provides economic growth for communities
  • Provides jobs
  • Provides work for local contractors
  • Generates money for the city via property taxes
  • Farmers can sell energy made from turbines on their land

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  • Low cost
  • Costs continue to lower
  • Since the 1980's, the price per kilowatt-hour has gone from 30 cents to 5 cents.
  • Blades are made of Carbon-fiber and glass-fiber, which is common and affordable.

How Long do They Wind Turbines Last?

Each turbine lasts 20-25 years, with minimal repairs in that time.

Space Efficient!

New wind farms can be built on existing farms and ranches, allowing us to save space in the wild.

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Has High Potential!

  • Grown significantly in the past decade
  • Wind power capacity grows by an average of 30% a year
  • It accounts for 2.5% of energy produced world wide
  • They come in many sizes, making them a great option for even families and small business'.


May cause death of local wildlife, ugly landscapes, continuous noise, flickering shadows as blades cover sun, death (if a natural disaster causes the turbine to fall or the blade to fly off and impale locals), and varying energy levels due to the rise and fall of wind.