A robot assistant made for you, on the house!


  1. Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant? Maybe like a robot that could do almost half of the stuff you can't keep track of? Well, you got it! I have created an app called Whizdom. Yes, Whizdom is the name of your "personal assistant." What does she do exactly? Glad you asked. Whizdom is a free app that reminds you of appointments, local newspapers, and birthdays! Your personal assistant also gives you suggestions on what to get someone for their birthday and where you can get the item at!
  2. Before I begin on the wonderful things Whizdom can do, i would just like to note that this app is recommended to adults and teenagers with busy hands. But, if your only 12 and this app comes in handy, then you go for it! To start off, go into your app store and search up "Whizdom." Once you do that, download the app and say hello to your very own personal assistant. When you first open the app, click "sign up" and create an account. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  3. Hopefully you have created your account and now your ready to see how the app works! On the bottom of the screen there is a tool box with 5 optional squares. The first square says "Home." This is where you can view anything that your friends like about this app, new things they have achieved with it, and invitations. The next square says "Notes." In this square, you can add