Bake Sale!

Raising money for the Heart Kids

What is it?

The SRC's of junior, middle and senior college have organised a bake sale! The money being raised for this event will be collected and donated to the Heart Foundation. To end with the minimum amount of waste, SRC have decided that each home group will bring in one plate of food. Eg. Cookies, cake, biscuits. We also thought that one home group of each grade should bring in a nut and gluten free option.

Extra information

When: 25 June (last Thursday of term)

Where: Oval area and old assembly area

Food may range in prices so be aware that the most suitable amount to bring is at least a gold coin. Consult with your parents and home group about the bake sale and more information about this will be posted on ilinq and possibly the college website.

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Happy Baking!