Welcome to Mathtastic! Prove your math skills in this amazingly awesome game!


Sort the cards into four piles according to the equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).Put one deck of cards into each corner. Make sure the side of the card with the math problem is facing up.Each player will get one game piece and all of them will be put at the starting point.


Game board (Mathtastic),4 decks of cards (Addition, subtraction, divison, and mutiplication), sand timer, dice and paper.


Decide who will go first and roll the dice. whatever number the dice lands on is the number of spaces the game piece will move forward.There are symbols on the spaces. Pick a card from the deck that matches the symbol that the game piece landed on. If needed answer the equation using the paper given and say it out loud and then turn the card over to reveal the correct answer.If the player answered correctly then they move one space forward.If the player answered incorrectly then they must move three spaces backwards. Put the card back at the bottom of the deck. Repeat for the next player and the players after that. When all the cards have been used in one deck shuffle the cards.


The first player to reach the end wins!