Local News Update

By: Brandt Fisher, Izik Plowman, and Dylan Mathew

The Community

The community can't see color, and they don't have any emotions except for a little bit of pain and happiness. They also don't have any snow, rain, or sun. The community also dose not know about Holiday's. They never heard music.They don't have choices. I can keep going but that should take a long time because the community barely has anything that regular people have. They also have something called a receiver which holds in all the memories of all the things that I just mentioned. The community has a group called the elders, they lead the community. But the receiver still is the ONLY one who knows about feelings, wether, and about Holiday's. Instead of regular family's they have family units, each family unit has a minimal of a dad, mom, girl, boy, and a baby. Each year the kids age 12 and under have ceremony's, and in each ceremony you have different rules. ( When you are 12 you get a job.)

About Jonas

Jonas's family unit is Lily his sister, his mom, his dad, and his little brother Gabe. Jonas's job is to be the new receiver in training. Jonas gets memories that he likes and, memories that he doesn't like. Some of the memories tought him color, some of the memories tought him pain, and some of the memories tought him about fun. Now Jonas dose not like how the community is.

About The Old Receiver

The receiver gave most of his memories to Jonas. He's been living in the annex all of his life as soon as he got the job. The receiver chooses the new receiver and trains them to do their job. The Receiver can tell the committee or the elders what to do.

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