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Kindergarten- Music

Kindergarten has now mastered quarter notes and double 8th notes. We have translated literacy into music notes and even wrote our own rhythms.

Alyssa Vanderpool

Music Teacher

1st Grade

1st grade- Music

First Grade has been working hard learning two new pitches on the staff (sol and mi). Once the pitches are mastered we will begin composing our own simple melodies and lyrics to collaborate with their research completed in the library.

1st Grade- Spanish

In Spanish last week, we read a story about a grandma that had a lot of different colored cats! Since we reviewed color words, this week, we filled in a color by number by finding eggs around the room, reading the clues inside, and then, using that information, we colored in our paper! It was a fun way to read in the target language while also moving about and working in groups!

Julie Dashley

Spanish Teacher

2nd Grade

2nd Grade- Library & Art

Students are in the planning phase of writing their very own story! We are collaborating with art to create unique and creative cartoon characters (artistic versions of themselves) to use as the main illustration in the stories. Get ready to see and read some incredible (and occasionally comical) art and writing pieces. What a creative bunch!

Marie Zimmerman, Library Media Specialist

Jennifer Flynn, Art Teacher

2nd grade- music

Second Grade has taken an adventure into “The Color of Sound”. We read the book “Yesterday I had the Blues” by Jeron Ashford Frame and have been creating soundscapes to express the mood and color of each page. I have posted their videos on SeeSaw.

3rd Grade

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3rd grade- Art

Third Grade is actively experimenting with 3 different categories of art. After discussing Realistic, Abstract, and Non-Objective Art, students are selecting a category of their choice and creating a masterpiece. We have such an exciting variety of artistic interpretations in progress NOW! Be sure to ask your 3rd grader about the interesting artworks they are creating and seeing created in art class this spring! This is a challenging unit - but with a wide variety of choices that lets each artist explore, grow, and shine!

Jennifer Flynn

Art Teacher

3rd grade- music

Third Grade has been rocking the recorders for we have begun our recorder karate unit. The students have 9 songs that builds in difficulty to increase music skills. For each song they master they earn a “belt” for their recorder. Their goal is to earn 2 belts by the end of the year.

4th Grade

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4th grade- Music & Art

Fourth Grade has been working collaboratively with art and music. We have studied the famous music composer Modest Mussorgsky and learned how is music was inspired by his friend, Victor Hartmann’s art work. We have flipped the script and now the students are creating artworks inspired by Mussorgsky’s famous pieces titled Pictures at an Exhibition. Our final goal is to create a gallery walk of “forever” piece to be displayed throughout the Johnson Valley.

Alyssa Vanderpool, Music Teacher

Jennifer Flynn, Art Teacher

5th Grade

5th grade- Music

Fifth Grade is working on completing a poster that serves as a music in review for the year. In addition, they are doing a composer study that they will present to the class for a grade. Last but not least we will wrap the year with an optional class talent show where students can share their musical talents with the class.

Alyssa Vanderpool

Music Teacher


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Creative Problem Solving Unit

This year I created a brand new unit for Johnson students, exploring creative problem solving via engineering activities. My hope was to encourage children to collaborate well while also learning to think “outside of the box.” We reviewed conflict management strategies before starting and then I let them LOOSE! Students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade built towers out of Play Doh and straws, and ended our unit building with LEGO characters and creating a story.

It was my favorite of all time!

Just a note - Career Fair will be 5/16. It's a great experience for our students in 4th and 5th Grade as they begin exploring ideas for the future!

Whitney McKay

Guidance Counselor

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