Gifted and Talented News 6

By Lenora Barnes 10/14/16

This Week

Due to a variety of events this week, I was only able to meet with some of the classes. The students began class with picture puzzles for the warm-up activity. The students were then challenged to use problem solving to complete "Noodlers", which are puzzles that are designed to enhance spatial and visual skills and promote flexible thinking. This week we continued to read and discuss our class read aloud books. The students spent the last part of the class time coding. The students used to work at their level. Some of the students were beginners and others, who have been in the class for two years, were almost finished with Course 3.


10/24/16 - No GT Class due to GT Coordinator Meeting at Region 6


I have posted two new articles under the media tab in Bloomz. The first article, titled What Makes You Unique?, is about helping our gifted children learn about themselves. The second article is about reducing stress using two different breathing techniques. Many gifted students feel the effects of stress daily. They often feel the pressure to always perform at a high level. Those pressures can be external or internal. Either way, the pressures can be overwhelming. Learning techniques to calm themselves in stressful situations can have lasting positive effects.


The Dualities of Giftedness Part 5

  • The child who observes keenly and is responsive to new ideas may also be the child who sees too much or becomes inpatient.

  • The child who has a keen sense of humor may also be the child who uses humor inappropriately to gain attention or attack others; becomes the class clown; or is disruptive.

  • The child who is sensitive, empathic, or emotional may also be the child who takes things personally; is easily hurt or upset; feels powerless to solve the world's problems, becomes anxious, fearful, and sad; or has trouble handling criticism or rejection

Galbraith & Delisle (2015)