Hurried Child Syndrome

Austin Hooker

Growing Up Too Fast

Don't Rush Your Child, Warns Psychologist David Elkind, or They (and You) Will Pay the Price

Hurried Child Syndrome can cause serious problems for children in their later years. Kids being forced to grow up faster may other serious conditions, or effects, on a child. A child can for drug and alcohol abuse, sexual fears, stress related illnesses, and sadly can increase the attempts of suicide. Elkind says everywhere he goes he feels kids are being unparented and neglected. He recalled that a 12 year old boy said to him that since the boy was six, the boy has gotten himself ready for school and made his own breakfast because his parents would go to work early.

Dear Daughter, I Want You to Fail. By: Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz's two year old daughter worries about risk she tells Lyz to "be careful" when she stands on a stool. Children are learning that when you do things there can be bad things that come out of it. This shows how kids are figuring out that you have to keep a grudge on people because you never know when they will turn on you. Lenz's article shows how in highschool she got her first grade that was lower than she expected and she was very mad at herself.

What is Attachment Parenting? By: Courtney

The form of attached parenting is said to be the best type of parenting giving the children the time they need to be a kid. Attached parents keep their kids close to them and usually a parent is at home instead of sending the child to a day care to grow up they stay at home with them giving them time with the parents and time to grow up and still be a child.

Monday Musings – Are Our Kids Growing Up Too Fast? By: Samantha

Samantha writes that children and their fast growing up is to be blamed by technology, this can speed up a child because technology is always growing larger and faster and with that kids will need to keep up with the times. Kids are watching more and more highly rated tv shows and movies making the things they listen to more mature so the kids know more.