8th Grade Newsletter 12.12.19


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Time: 6:30 pm

West Millbrook Magnet Middle School



ALL students received interims on MONDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. If you have not seen your child's interim report and do not have access to powerschool, please reach out to Mrs. Leon.

Quarter 2 celebration will be held on Friday, February 20th. Students will need to earn a 2.5 to attend. Students with ISS or OSS for the 2nd quarter will not be able to participate.



If you need help accessing PowerSchool as a parent, please contact Mrs. Leon using this form -> http://leonsschoolcounseling.blogspot.com/p/contact-mrs-leon.htm


Happy Holidays!

We had an amazing first quarter! Students are adjusting to the 8th grade load and expectations well. We had 265 students attend the first quarter celebration. We were so proud of our students. We also had great participation at our Fall Parent Night. Be on the lookout for information regarding our Spring Parent Night in February.

As we transition into the holidays and the cold weather, we often see a decrease in students' attendance and engagement. Keep a closer eye on your student, this time of year can be difficult for various reasons. Let us know if we can assist in any way.

Our field trip to the Outer Banks is coming quickly. The second payment of $28 was due by December 13th. We have approximately 20 seats available at this time. If your student or you are interested in attending, please send in a payment by December 19th. The following letter, Chaperone Interest, provides information about the process for sharing your interest in being a chaperone. We are also looking for sponsors for students who are unable to pay the full amount. If you are able to donate partial or full donations for another student, please email Ms. Rogers.

As always, we appreciate your partnership and support. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


Can you believe that it is almost 2020, the year your 8th grader will become a high schooler?

I am already starting to think about how much I am going to miss this group of students.

But... there is still work to be done. We have a lot to do for high school registration. Please be on the lookout for information from your feeder schools about Curriculum Nights and 9th Grade Parent Orientations. Below are the dates based on schools websites for upcoming parent nights.

Wakefield High- Jan 30

Leesville High- Feb 6

Enloe High- Feb 20

Millbrook High- Feb 20

Sanderson High Feb- 20

SE Raleigh High - Feb 20

Knightdale High- Mar 5

Classroom Lessons

In 8th grade counseling we have 2 classroom lessons coming up. On January 21st and 22nd, I will be in Mrs. Stewart's class conducting Social Emotional Lessons with 8th grade students. The objective of this lesson is: "Students will identify cause and effect relationship between motions and choices and identify coping skills that will help them to make good choices when experiencing intense feelings".

On February 13th and 14th, I will be conducting lessons on High School Registration with all 8th grade students. I will share with them the key points on what is needed to be successful in high school, and the importance about earning credits in order to obtain your high school diploma. Registration for high school courses will be completed during the month of March.

8th Grade After-school Work Sessions

Students can sign-up with Mrs. Leon to stay after-school and work on assignments they have, work with group members on projects, study for test, complete any missing assignments, or conduct study groups with their peers. This is an independent work session. For more information CLICK HERE.


For more information on Early Colleges and Magnet High School Options, please CLICK HERE. Magnet applications are due January 30th.


Our module will conclude with writing character confessional narratives. Our curriculum continues to require homework most nights. For module two, homework has been almost exclusively in the workbook. Students will have a final assessment on the reading before we break, (12/16-12/18), and will begin writing an argumentative essay right after we return to school.


Students have been working studying Westward Expansion of the United States and the Civil War. Students have an upcoming project that will begin after Winter Break! This project will be our final major study of Westward Expansion and the Civil War. Major project will begin after break.

Have a great holiday!


Math 1

We just started Unit 4 which is on equations and inequalities. Students will be learning the process to solve an equation, rearrange a formula to solve for a variable, and solving equations literally.

Math 8

We are finishing up Unit 3 on linear relationships. Students will had a unit test Friday, December 13th. On Monday, we will begin Unit 4 which is on linear equations and linear systems.

12/13- Math 8 Unit Test

12/20-1/5- Christmas Break

Please encourage your students to complete Dreambox lessons to keep their skills sharp. We ask that each student completes 3 lessons per week.


Students have been learning about the history of Earth and how life/land have changed over time. They have focused on fossil evidence, geologic law, and the major eras.

Students will now be moving into a unit on natural selection and adaptations in living things. Students will assess fitness of different species depending on their environment, and how environment influences evolution of creatures.

Donations of plastic bags, plastic cups, and tissues would be greatly appreciated!


Last two weeks in Health, Students have been analyzing the influences related to alcohol, understanding health risks related to alcohol and applying risk reduction behaviors to learn how to protect themselves and others from alcohol. Students used Fatal Vision goggles in activities to understand how individuals are impaired from drinking. Students created a poster and a poem or a rap song advocating about not to drink. Students read current events relating to drinking and wrote reflections on what they learned from the articles. Students created and performed skits regarding how to refuse getting in a car with a drunk driver.

Next week in PE, Students will start a Basketball Unit. Please remind students to wear appropriate shoes and clothes.

When Students come back from the holiday they will still be in PE.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!


Chinese- Beginning less than one year- Mrs. Leung

The language acquisition department is excited to teach your child this year. Our focus in Quarter 2 for Beginning Mandarin Chinese is communication skills using basic conversation vocabulary, numbers, alphabet, commands, calendar, and weather. Please click to view our course curriculum outline.

Tips to succeed:

● Visit teacher website for multiple resources and calendar

● Check PowerSchool often

● Communicate with teachers yleung@wcpss.net

Chinese Intermediate: Beginning 1 year- Mrs. Leung

Our focus in Quarter 2 for Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (beginning year 1) is communication skills that describe personal identity with likes/dislikes, personality, and physical descriptions. Please click to view our course curriculum outline.

Tips to succeed:

● Visit teacher website for multiple resources and calendar

● Check PowerSchool often

● Communicate with teachers yleung@wcpss.net

Spanish I High School Credit- Ms. Ces

Our focus in Quarter 2 for Spanish I HS credit is communication skills that describe personal choices about activities and events outside the school, extend, accept and decline invitations, and tell when an event happens. We will also learn about cultural perspectives on after- school activities and compare them.

Beginning Spanish- Ms. Braem

Our focus in Quarter 2 for Beginning Spanish is communication skills that describe personal identity with likes/dislikes, personality, and physical descriptions. Please click to view our course curriculum outline. Students will continue to focus on their interpersonal speaking skills while using content to share their ideas.

Intermediate Spanish- Ms. Braem

Our focus in Quarter 2 for Intermediate Spanish (beginning year 1) is communication skills in order to personal identity through the description of family members (human/non-human) & friends. Please click to view our course curriculum outline. Intermediate Spanish students will be completing an in class mini-project that will include them creating an adoption ad in Spanish for an animal from a local shelter. This assignment will evaluate their presentational writing and speaking skills.


Odyssey of the Mind- Mrs. DeLuna

Students have learned a lot if hands on activities like creating mobile robots out of pop cans, upcycling and recycling, designing prototypes that will make life better. Students will bust a myth based on scientific facts - we are not just Omers but Mythbusters too! Mythbuster project will be presented hopefully before the holiday break. Please bring the needed materials as agreed upon by the members of your group.

Thanks parents for your support!

Apparel and Interior Design- Ms. Heff

We are finishing sewing our drawstring bags. We will be starting our interior design unit.

We will be doing a gingerbread house challenge the week prior to winter break. Teams are responsible for buying a gingerbread house kit of their choice. This will be discussed in class prior to the due date.

Nutrition and Wellness- Ms. Heff

We are learning about recipes and meal plans. We will be starting food labs soon. Students are responsible for dressing appropriately for labs. This includes closed toe shoes and hair that is up either in a ponytail, bun or braid.


Art- Mr. Massullo

The Winter Art Show will be on Wednesday January 15, from 6-730 in the media center.

Dance- Ms. Maxwell

Students just finished a unit on the Element of Space in Dance. We are now beginning work on our performance dances for the Dance Concert in January. The Dance Concert will take place on January 15th at 7:00 (and students will need to arrive between 6:30-6:45). A letter confirming your child's attendance will be sent home in the next week or two!

Band and Orchestra- Mrs. Martel

Students were preparing for their winter concert (focusing on balance, blend, articulation, phrasing, and the goals the classes set for themselves). The concert went great! I am so proud of the growth the students have shown this year!

Students will be working on their solo pieces until the end of December. When we get back in January we will begin working on music for our February concert, making goals for that concert, and developing our overall musicianship.

Please encourage students to practice their instruments!

December 20: Solo Playing Test Due by 11:59 pm.

February 27: Late Winter Concert @ 7:00 pm.